The Hacker's Guide to the Kingdom - The Book of Boozerbear

Author: Boozerbear

Chapter Two
(Your First Hack)

Look in your Colossal Closet. Notice that you can take one, 10 or all of an item. (assuming you have at least 10 of that item) take a look at one of these links. [mouse over the "10" link and right-click, then select "Copy Shortcut" from the menu] You can copy that link over to the "goto" box on the frameset page and you'll get something that looks like this: (Item #548 being the 668 Scroll)

Now to see a neat and useful trick, change the "howmany" variable in your url from "10" to "100" (make sure you have 100 of the item in your closet first. It won't take out more of the item than you actually have.) Then click the "Go" button.

Yay! you just hacked KoL! Not that this little trick nets you anything but a savings of time and clicks when getting something more than 10 or less than all of an item out of your closet, but it illustrates an important example: VARIABLES CAN BE MANIPULATED, AND OFTEN INTERESTING THINGS WILL HAPPEN WHEN THEY *ARE* MANIPULATED.