The Hacker's Guide to the Kingdom - The Book of Boozerbear

Author: Boozerbear

Chapter Thirteen

This one has some backstory. Originally an Adamson hack, he taunted me with it and so I had to find it. First I needed a clue as to where it was. I didn't know even that it was an Inventory hack, all I knew was that it was a meat cheat as opposed to an item cheat. After pestering Phoenix for days, I got my needed clue in the words "dont sell anything from your inventory. not even once". That pointed me towards inventory.php and from there it was fairly easy to discover that malforming the $whichitem variable would cause the "sell" function to pay you for something without taking it from your inventory. Although Adamson used Kickback Cookbooks, I went with Special Sauce Gloves as they provided a better per-click return. My script immediately converted the meat into DMS's to disguise my rise in wealth, but back then, the Hall of Records was updated each time you accessed it instead of once per day and Pimonkey noticed the pattern of fluctuation and berated me mercilessly for the inefficiency of this hack.

print <<<EOF
<title>KOL Inventory MeatHack</title>
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" CONTENT="no-cache">
<meta content="2" http-equiv="REFRESH">
<b>KOL Inventory Meathack Special Sauce Gloves </b>
(Item #555 @ 3000 meat per 4 clicks)
<iframe src="" width="600" height="500" name="adv">
<iframe src="" width="0" height="0" name="q">
<iframe src="" width="0" height="0" name="r">
<iframe src="" width="0" height="0" name="s">