The Hacker's Guide to the Kingdom - The Book of Boozerbear

Author: Boozerbear

Chapter Four
(the L33t Tr4pz0r)

i was automating my trades of yeti skins for hippo skins and for kicks i tried susbtituting a different item number, say for "dense meat stack" and it works. i could essentially trade yeti skins for any item in the game.. (:

x=how many yeti skins you want to trade
y=what you want to trade them for (item number, currently dense meat stacks, but it works with everything i've tried...)

<title>KOL Tr4pz0r Hacker</title>
<b>KOL Tr4pz0r Hacker</b>
if (($x < 1) || ($x > 9999)) {$x=10;}
if (!$y) { $y = 395; }
print <<<EOF
<font color=red>
Trading $x Yeti Furs for $x of item #$y
print <<<EOF
Trade! ($z)<br>
<iframe src="$y" width="0" height="0">
print <<<EOF